Presidents Note

Fellow Member,


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to wish you and your families well during this Pandemic.  In June of 2020,  the board had their annual reorganization.  After many years as President, Rich Thomas wished to relinquish his Presidential duties.  I took this position for I value our community and it’s well-being.  Yout credit union board and supervisory committee are comprised of volunteers with the same values.   Rich Thomas was going to introduce me to all of you at the annual meeting, unfortunately this will now be happening until 2021.  The Board decided that an in-person meeting would not be in the best interest and well-being of everyone.  We then tried to hold a virtual meeting, scheduled for September 19th.  After our September meeting, we were informed that only two members were willing to attend virtually.   We decided that we would make available the information to all our members in a paper format.  If you would like a copy of the financial report, it is available at the drive-up window. Our credit union remains financially strong. We know that being together and interacting is a special part of the credit union experience and also the credit union family atmosphere.  We already started planning 2021’s in person meeting and we thank you for understanding.  Your meal vouchers for 2020 will be honored in 2021.


With the pandemic, the board has not taken lightly the well being of our members and employees.  We made many changes at the beginning from closing the lobby to alternating and cross training our staff.  We originally felt this would be a two to four-week pandemic.  As all of you know, this is not the case.  We have made changes inside our lobby to help accommodate members that need to handle transactions inside.  The board discusses monthly the option of opening the lobby.   We have also contacted Cuna, our association, for suggestions.  At this time, with our small staff, we feel the need to keep the lobby closed.  We hope, that with a vaccination, we will be able to change our status.


I want to personally thank our staff for the diligent work they do for the credit union and its members.  We are lucky to have such devoted people serving all of us.  They mean a great deal to us as they do to their families. I personally want to thank Rich Thomas for his many years of service as Board President.  Rich has agreed to stay on with the board for another term, to help advise the board with his vast knowledge of the credit union’s history. 


The Board and employees wish all of you, health and prosperity! 


Bethann L. Frederick

President of the Board