Services and Interest Rates

Morrison's Cove First Federal Credit Union

Services & Interest Rates

We are able to help with your PPP loan needs.  Call Lynnette for details or email her at

Savings Accounts paying .075% or .075% Annual Percentage Yield **

IRA Accounts paying .50% or .501% APY**

Share Draft (Checking Accounts)

Certificates of Deposit* - See Rates Below

Christmas & Vacation Clubs paying .15% or .15% Annual Percentage Yield **

Money Orders - $1.00

VISA Travel Card - $5.00

Certified Checks - $1.00

Auto Loans - New As Low As 2.25% APR, Used As Low As 2.25% APR **

**Current Auto Loan Special - A & B credit as low as 1.75%  Call Beth or Christin for details! 

Fixed Rate Mortgage - As Low As 5.50% APR**

Home Equity Loans - As Low As 3.99% APR**

**Current Home Equity Loan Special - 12 years @ as low as 2.875% APR - must borrow $5,000.00 new money - approximately $350.00 in closing costs.                        Call Beth or Christin for details! 

Share Secured Loans - 2.15% APR**

Unsecured Loans to $10,000 - As Low as 9.74% APR**

Direct Deposit 

Photocopies - Members 10¢ Non-Members 20¢

Notary Public - Limited Service - Fees Vary

CD rates**

6 Month - .10% APR  .100% APY

12 Month- .15% APR  .150% APY

** All rates are subject to change without notice.

Your Credit Union also offers the following services.

Flexteller is Here!

This service allows our members to check their balances, account history, and perform certain transactions via the internet. Click here to go to a Flexteller application.

Visa® Credit Cards only 9.9%(APR)!!!

No Annual Fee, a 25 day grace period, credit limits available up to $7,500.

Visa®  Debit  Cards

Pulls funds directly from your checking and/or savings account.


E-statements are now available at MC1FCU

All you need to get started with e-statements is to come to the credit union, sign up for FLexteller (if you are not already signed up), and read and sign our disclosure for e-statements.  It's that easy.  Any of our MSR's can assist you.




Credit Life Insurance - Can be purchased through the credit union.  This insurance will payoff a loan up to $35,000 in the event of the debtor's death and up to $75,000 on purchase mortgages.

Credit Disability Insurance - Can be purchased through the credit union.  This coverage makes the borrower's loan payments after completion of a 30 day grace period, in the event of disability resulting from accident or sickness.  Benefit payments continue until the borrower can resume making payments subject to an annual claim review.

Other Loan Rates are available by contacting the Credit Union Office

at 814-224-2744, toll free 1-800-224-5382, or via Fax 814-224-5080



This reward program is for students who achieve A’s on their report cards for the 2020-2021 school year.  The following qualifications must be met:

  1.  The student must be a member of MCFFCU.
  2. The Credit Union will deposit $5.00 into the students savings account for each A up to 5 A’s per marking period provided a parent or relative will match the deposit. The parent or relative must be a member of MCFFCU.  The credit union will contribute for A's that are received in the following course subjects:  math, reading, writing, history, English, sciences, computer sciences and spelling.
  3. The student’s report card must be presented showing the A’s achieved.  We only accept report cards for the current marking period.
  4. If letters do not represent the grades, 93% or above will qualify.
  5. Students in grade 1 thru 12 will qualify for the rewards.
  6. Students should leave the money in their account for their future education, unless an emergency exists.

mcove1stfcu.comThe credit union can rescind this program at any time.